I’m fine.

I’m fine.

I’m fine -

if I say it enough times

maybe it becomes the truth?

Let’s try it one more time:

I’m fine. 

I’ve tried it before;

I love you 

I love you

I love.... 

it never works. 

I’ve asked my heart time and time again to settle,

to pick someone:

to just beat a little faster,

a little harder

whenever that someone entered the room,

but it never does. 

My heart is stubborn and unwavering.

It will always be you,

no matter how many dandelion seeds blown to the wind;

no matter how many candles extinguished on birthdays cakes;

no matter how many coins thrown into fountains;

no matter how many fallen stars -

every wish whispered quietly,

& always unable to be fulfilled.

Nothing will bring you back to me. 

No wishes can change

who the heart decides to beat for.

"Loving you is easy

I can do it in my sleep

I dream of you so often

It's like you never leave"

Bright Eyes, Coyote Song


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