10 things I should have learnt by now

there will always be heartbreaks
nothing you ever do will be enough
not making a decision is in fact a decision by itself
everyone has a past that is always present
you can't change people, you should stop trying to
life doesn't have fairy tale endings
some people are incapable of (true?) happiness
maps are useless if you don't know where you're going
the things people don't say always matters the most
there's no way to change the past even how hard you try


& jag tänker på alla misstag jag har gjort
hur långt det går
innan man slutar vara människa
och blir till allt det man ångrar

post-it lappar på spegeln
citat och affirmationer
(det har aldrig varit min grej egentligen)
det finns många sätt att leva
men jag verkar aldrig kunna välja rätt