Mixing words

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
making sure it beats right
not too fast
not too slow
It's never been my type of music
but my head is filled with words;
lyrics, poems, quotes -
Last night almost broke my heart dancing to Cant Get No Satisfaction
I'm older now
my perception of time is changing;
moments seems to last longer,
but vanish quicker
memories seems further away -
but their colours are more intense;
the pain still hoovering, omnipresent 
sometimes it just feels like it's all been written before
on paper, in minds, on skins - 
makes me wonder
what kind of impact I think my words could ever have
in a world that's heard it all before
and some nights
I wake up 
wondering which road I took -
the one less traveled?
Did it really make a difference?
(Första citatet: Johnny Cash - I Walk the Line, andra citatet Allen Ginsberg, dikt - Kansas City to Saint Louis, sista stycket refererar till en dikt av Robert Fros - The Road Not Taken.)


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