I was a child with a wild imagination, therefore I'm never alone.

Some say books never take you anywhere - but books took me everywhere. Learning to read is one thing, understanding a language and the structure of it. But really reading is something else; my imagination took me into the books, made me dive into the stories. I've been with the brothers Lionheart next to their campfire, I've paced alongside Hamlet, fought the White Witch with Aslan, I've hid from the Nazis together with a young girl in an attic. Books make me laugh, and sometimes cry, - they have the ability to make me feel every feeling that I can possibly feel.

Therefore I am never alone, my imagination takes me into the story; I was the girl who could read in high school corridors, I can shut the world out and just focus on my book. I get to know new friends, people I would never meet if it wasn't for those few hundred pages and they sometimes give me a new perspective of the world. I don't necessarily have to agree with what others think, but I can acknowledge that they have a different opinion than me.

I navigate through history by books; sure, it might not always be accurate, but it's the only map I have to guide me through the wars and the historical events. Books are the best education and they are always available if you want them to be. So no, I'm never alone, I got a whole living room with stories and places to be and people to meet. I know some might never understand it, but I hope they will some day and that they'll have the same experiences that I had from books. But I understand if you live your life without picking up a single book, I might try to change that though. Books have made me understand other people - walking in their shoes, feeling their feelings, see the world through other eyes - it makes me more tolerant and able to understand why we are different. Why we think differently and how every human has it's own perception of the world.

A book isn't just words on pages, it's worlds beyond words, if you listen carefully. 


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